Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Show Me Love

Since yesterday

There were tears from E when R and O headed home - he claimed it was a broken nerf gun but really I suspect it was sadness at their departure back to France. I had tea and a chat with their lovely Mum T for an hour after football club

Reg has been here last night chatting and planning and today undercoating and painting S's bedroom door red.

O and I have read some more Stitch Head and listened to The Magic City

E has been sleeping  in til 8 am some days recently

Today O has been playing an Undertale mod pack and on friend A's realm also with S for a while, E has been playing with his friend A (a different A!)   They mentioned this YouTube series called "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" to me and so I watched it and S came in and said "I love that I've watched it 8 times!" so we watched the Game Theory episode about it

Meanwhile I have done 5 loads of washing and made two night's suppers and a batch of chocolate chip and around helping and feeding the trio

E is trying so hard to type - I get these messages like "feed me plz" and "help me plz" which would probably devastate the parents of most nearly 10 year olds, S was sending me notes like that at 5 afterall I think, but I am delighted by them :)

So Reg is here painting, M is here to care for E and S and I are off to Rackham for her fortnightly maths and english lessons which are resuming after the long summer break - the last one was actually M's first day with us back in July. O is going to come too

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Part of the inside of O's castle on friend A's realm

Shortly after yesterday's post O and I did the word search and mazes in the latest lego club magazine

S, O and various of their friends spent another big chunk of time making their minecraft realm castles inprenetratable with traps and piston lifts and cobwebs and things

After returning from work TD hung  S's new bedroom door - it actually closes!

O and I read some Stitch Head beast of grubbers nubbin and S and TD finished Emily the Strange - E is still adamant he doesn't want a story until the new Ruby Redfort arrives

This morning O and I dropped S to friend A's - there was some confusion as O thought he was going to but  in the car on the way home O talked about his plans for his display table at Japan Day 3 and asked how many days it was - we talked about 17 and 70 and he manipulated them around in various day and week and month permutations and then he said

 'I can't decide if I think maths, love or brushing my teeth is my most important thing in life." O7 "They're all pretty important.''

E had a fabulous morning  - in fact he said "Best day of my life playing with A and P! " I think they mostly played on HavocMC 

Meanwhile played Roblox with friend G and I looked at potential jobs - I guess I could have hoovered or changed the beds but......i did chuckle when I updated my skill base and a "Conflict resolution" job at Goldman Sachs popped up!

Then we met S at Football club which the rest of us travelled to with our Friends who now came to our hourse first live in France we last saw in July.

There were about 14 players on the pitch including O who lasted about an hour before remembering that football club probably isn't for him - E, however, really enjoys it - the family who run football club blog here

Back home and S is showing friend T her new room whilst E, R and another O play lego in the log cabin quickly

The past 24  E was bored and lonely - this 24 he's had loads of friends!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Hot Butterfly

Since we arrived home from Brighton yesterday:-

TD returned home from the allotment with the first apples of the season - E's IBS means he shouldn't really eat apples but as it was his apple tree; he's waited patiently to harvest he ate some anyway!

I cleared out the freezer making gooseberry crumble and chicken stock along the way.

TD and I have listed some outgrown things on eBay - Spoonhands often springs to life in Autumn and Sunday night is statistically the best for ebay sales.

We watched the Mojang live stream from Minecon about the 1.11 updates to Minecraft

We watched Victoria but at 60% kissing we were less impressed than usual - and Antiques Roadshow - Autumn Sunday evenings

Weird start to the morning when Ocado didn't arrive and phoned to say I hadn't answered the door which was all kind of odd - and meant we had pizzas made with left overs for lunch - then I declined it being rescheduled them remembered I was already waiting in for another delivery........then I knocked the coffee over on the stove top.....well the cooker needed cleaning but that wasn't actually my plan for the morning......

E made a meme (see above) - he likes this meme cat generator - it's actually engaged him in typing where previously only swear words in skype chat succeed.

I played some realms with S11 and O7 who are building castles on friend A's realm - they added moats and banners as targets and brewing stands. O has invested around 5 hours in his project. O doesn't much want to read books with me but reads or attempts to read everything I type in Minecraft chat

I played a Roblox murder game called Murder Noobs which is basically MCPZ Murder in Roblox with E and O.

E's interest in the putting more powerful batteries in nerf guns project was reignited this morning and he pulled out the canwelum batteries and nitecore charger to look at them and tried to explain higher volt batteries to me and what that does to the nerf gun to increase its power.

S's bedroom door will be painted red on Wednesday.

We had to wait in for our EE TV box to be delivered today and up until 2pm everyone was cool with that...but sadly lonely and bored E had a missed the toilet meltdown moment this afternoon.

We're switching broadband to EE to give more out the house data for Pokemon Go and as it priorities gaming traffic.

E and I read about the Hypixel Watchdog and how it has banned 500,000 players!

So aside from Drusillas and Japan Day 3 between now and Christmas we have Tuesday afternoon football club and S's alternate weekly Rackham lessons on Wednesdays plus babysitter M for E and O whilst that is happening....That's fine with O but is probably not going to be enough for E unless some more online gaming friends who play daytimes not evenings appear......

Lego Club magazines arrived O and I are just about to read the Ninjago cartoon together.

On this day last year S and I were in Cardiff for the Doctor Who filming locations tour of the city which I really enjoyed but she didn't 2014 I met up with my old work colleagues for a meal in central London and in 2013 O was making lego dobots.......over half his life drawing and making dobots and on the same day  S read Diamond in the Hetty Feather series which had just been published all in one sitting.