Wednesday, 7 December 2016

O coloured the Squirtle in the middle and then I made the silhouettes out of coloured clear sheets to be shadows - Who's That Pokemon? tracing them with a Sharpie - I thought if I did one O might do the rest! S made a mini one.

More Crown for S and I whilst O and E were busy- I expect we'll land up watching The Kings Speech and one of the many movies about Wallace and Edward to fill in the back story in addition to our googling.

Tom Gates &  Artemis Fowl, O and E's bedtime reads respectively, are both are series of 6 or 7 books so should carry us through the dark nights.

Made it on the Cross trainer with this

From 8-12 E played Overwatch  alternated with minecraft with friend J whilst I made spag bol, gingerbread, lemon drizzle cake and red currant crumble and cheese toasties and cheese sandwiches and pasta and stuff!!

S woke at 12!!! We breakfasted with another installment of The Crown. She was up late looking for unusual descriptive words and reading more Warrior Cats

Last Rackham of 2016 today - O stayed home with friend L for company on  Skype and a space tycoon on Roblox and E with babysitter M for nerf and minecraft realm

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

We landed up having a nice afternoon after popping to the shops yesterday  -  O played with L til 8pm and E had friend F and friend J online - whilst they were both happy I got to watch some more of The Crown with S (And Matt Smith!) I don't see so much of S these days so that was lovely - it  to watch and google and chat which lead on to watching Doctor Who (also with Matt Smith) which was my evening until reading Excellent Excuses with O. I guess I made supper at some stage ;-)

No AF for E and TD as we are missing book 2 which has just arrived.

Woke up super early and made  gingerreadand to take to football club and  packed up some ebay lots which didn't sell as well as I'd hoped.

E had a online date with J at 8am on the PS4 - Overwatch - I think he is level 30 though so can play competitive - interesting article about Overwatch here 

S had friend A over IRL around 10am - they played the card game that was a hit last Christmas - love letters and watched Doctor Who. Doctor Who was massive here this time last year and it was ice to be reminded of it

I ruined my morning by discovering that last months electricity bill of £160 was not as massive as I had thought as this month it was £190 -  Took me most of my spare bits of morning in between IT support and meal preparation to switch - save £500 pa.

Luckily O had  friend L and E joined in with various things for a bit.

Via a typical December list of errands and dropping off parcels and Pokestops we made it to the last football club before Christmas for mulled wine and mince pies and meeting with friend A's family. It was really lovely - and lifted my lingering bad mood talking about parallel universes and theories of existence

Forgot to take any photos though - I expect they'll be some here

S's is just doing a few quick jobs then I'm hoping for some more of The Crown

Monday, 5 December 2016

Whatever Will Be

We watched "Jingle All the Way" last night - another movie that would be plotless had mobile phones and in the internet been invented but does have the voice of Troy McLure

Our clan won a war on Clash of Clans last night - leaving us around 400 points til level 5 clan

Didn't make it on to the cross trainer for the 3rd day in a row massively floored by a really heavy period

Pizza for breakfast as we had no bread!

We went to Littlehampton this morning for an hour of Pokemon Go in the blue with E and O - caught some amazing Pokemon - met up with friend C from Friday's birthday action - I am level 21 now. E was originally going to stay home as it was so cold but decided to come at the last minute. In the car on the way home he was a bit annoying then........

E was a horror when we got back. The time it took to deal with said heavy period was all it needed -  That wasted an hour. - I hope my super upbeat review of the year post hasn't jinxed his progress.

Warrior Cats Power of Three series arrived for S yesterday and she's already finished the first book!

S and O and I have just been birthday present shopping and now S and I are going to watch some more of The Crown a netflix series we've been enjoying. We do love a royal drama. With a side order of google.