Wednesday, 18 January 2017

When we played the Pokemon A-Z game last week on our walk O couldn't think of any for Q or U or X - I had my eye on this book before Christmas but it was pricey so when it flagged up for less than a magazine with free delivery  - O and I were cosy reading it and Warrior Cats for ages last night

E woke at 3am and O woke at 4am ...................

Still I hailed my arse on the cross trainer at 6am with the rest of Antiques Roadshow Holocaust Memorial

Spent some time entering an Ali A competition E was keen to enter to win various PS4 and Nintendo goodies

Booked 3 sessions of GoKarting for S and TD for Jan, Feb and March using their backlog of vouchers from Team Sport mistakes and compensation for Idiots on track - it takes almost as long to book as one session of karting lasts!

S and E have played some Rocket League

Back to Rackham for S today but then no more Rackham for 2 weeks - it is turning out to be a very stop start beginning to 2017

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bullets for the past 24 - the conflict between using this blog to both record what we've been up to when there are so many of us doing so many diverse things set against making perceptive, philosophical maybe even useful to others observations about home education

3:30pm I lost badly at Mario Party 10 to O

4pm Was friend J's Server on Minecraft for O and S

5:30-6pm A 2km Pokemon Go walk for me as I hadn't really been outside all day - Ross Mountey wrote a post yesterday about surviving winter as a Home Educator. It is only me who seems bothered about going out - I could rarely persuade my guys out when the weather was great! 

Risotto for tea

E and TD played Overwatch 6-8Pm

S played with friend DinoBoy

O was feeling cosy, had a bath and we were in bed reading by 8pm

E was awake from about 12-2 because he had a bad dream - I was thinking 5 hours is okay - I'll make the day on 5 hours then S woke at 2am having had a nightmare! !

8am We went to feed Tom and Molly - S went from asleep to dressed in under 5 minutes! She is really enjoying the responsibility and fun

So it turns out E didn't like the mint choc ice cream we spent a huge chunk of yesterday making- that one is gong to come out of failed home ed science experiments not food shopping budget!

10am We left for  Grandma and Grandies

E told O how to spell F L I G H T in the car - when you've a child you never thought would read .........

After lunch E went out with Gma trying on trainers - 10 year old boy size 9 (43) feet wants trendy trainers but has very wide feet

Grandie took O to the park to  fly his  drone they met some people who make their own drones

S has come home with a new bag to hold Warrior Cats

3pm Home - S took E to show him Tom and Molly

O is straight on Skype to friend H, E on the PS4 and S on Minecraft - I can hear 3 people chatting and laughting

Monday, 16 January 2017

So it goes. I've mentioned several times on the blog recently that E(10) is in a great place with friends so when I went to  log off his pc and saw loads of  removed skype messages I wondered..........

5pm ish Whist TD made a Spanish Omelette supper I played Mario Party 10 with O

6pm ish TD played Overwatch with E for a bit as we'd gotten a bit disconnected with E not coming on our big walk or to Winchester Science Centre so, 7pm,  we all came together for another installment of the fantastic Lemony Snicket on Netflix

8-9pm TD and I read WC and AF to O and E

9pm We stayed up later than usual on a work night to watch the final Sherlock

S didn't join in any of the above - she is / was very busy with new mcpz friends from California - we've been talking about time difference.

E hadn't made it to the loo after Sherlock - looking back I see he had a very gluten and dairy heavy weekend - the down side of food budgeting is not providing meat / high protein at every meal.......

6am 90 days is apparently how long it takes to make or break a habit and it was 18/10/16 when I hauled myself back into it after sprained ankles and toothache - Today was the  7th of 2017  cross trainer with Antiques Roadshow

7am We are caring for our new HomeEd neighbors cats 

8am Ocado

10am E and I made mint / cookie dough ice cream - E has been so busy with friends lately we haven't done a project like that in ages and ages - He asked a long time ago to make home made ice cream again so we did with the added step of making cookie dough. He did complain several times that it smelt very minty which seemed surprising........

Tried to find Teen Titans Season 3 somewhere for O but couldn't

1pm Whilst I was clearing up from ice cream / lunch we somehow got to talking about ancient paper alphabet magnets and O invented a Pokemon game for around 30 or 40 minutes of spelling and O spelt out Charizard, Pikachu, Aerodactyl and Bulbasaur.

In a way that just would never have happened if I had said (even in my best singsong voice) "Let's use 7 year old magnets to spell the names of Pokemon you like" so I stopped washing up and sat down to watch because these moments won't last forever. (unlike washing up!)

2pm E is playing on the PS4 with friends - there has been hardly anyone around to play today a total contrast to the weekend.

 The builds S managed to restore to O's minecraft realm