Sunday, 28 August 2016

The 48 hours of no laundry, cooking or washing up are over. Home.

TD, S, O and I watched Hotel Transylvania Two last night whilst E played with babysitter M til around 10pm

It's not easy being the Mum of a Dyslexic son who is prone to meltdowns with IBS in the mix but it is way harder to be the sibling of one.

E couldn't settle to sleep last night - the disruption caused by decorating really bothers him so I spontaneously suggested a camp out in the log cabin which he lept it! We managed about 7 hours :)

Whilst down there I noticed TD and O had started work on O's robolox skin in lego mode whilst we were away

Today TD has worked super hard laying the black laminate floor in S's bedroom this morning

S and O have played with the new Gomber we bought back from Insomnia introducing him to the Koopalings

E has played with friend P from Thailand for the first time in ages

S's room is looking amazing - she is rearrangng her book shelves. I'm Jello! I loved doing things like that when I was her age.

On This Day in Our Story

2015 - was a Not Back to School Picnic 

and S read One

2014 O was all abo
ut Bart.............Even now S has Simpsons playing on her phone as she cooks and moves around the house

2013 We went to the cinema to see the forgettable movie Planes



Saturday, 27 August 2016

After a great late supper last night S and E had the most almighty bust up :( A shame as we had a lovely supper ...................somehow I managed to get them / me to sleep but when the three of us woke up hot and sweaty in the same hot 5th floor room at 6:30am it carried on..............................until around 8:30 when we had one hour to have breakfast and get to Insomnia for day two............................Well there's another file under reserves I never knew I had

So much to process - for S the enormous adrenaline come down of finding her lost phone......the excitement and sadness of saying Hi and Bye to one of her online BFFs

So today E had a friend, yesterday S had a friend - but today there were 16,000 people and my relaxed attitude to S wondering off evaporated in the business and so many people ness of it all

E played more Overwatch mostly and some Hypixel and NoxCrew

S met Smallish Beans and came over all Star Struck

We left around 2pm - 4 plus more hours than seemed likely at 8am................

Saw loads of Yandere cosplays similar to Ss and Deadpool and Pokemon

Wonderfully they seem to have only remembered the awesome bits

Home to TD and O - TD has made a start on the black laminate for S's bedroom floor and we bought O a Gomber

Friday, 26 August 2016

Bit late posting today. Been at Insomnia.

S and E argued solidly for the first 30 minutes of the journey but then suddenly seemed to to find peace and have been cool since. Sweet journey - arrived around 9:30pm and E slept til 7am!! (last time he woke up at like 4 something!)

Met friends at the queue this morning - long term friends of mine and TD's who've become online friends of S's

After yesterday's wobbles E has had a fantastic day and lasted the whole 8 hours without incident - he met two of his current best YouTubers and was delighted to be the first in the queue for the Hypixel stand and Skywars :) He has played OverWatch and NoxCrew maps and VR with Immersive Mind - the vibe is so frinedly and chatty and he loves that - playing Skywars with 8 people on the same bank of desks - people saying they like his TShirt and several remarked they tried to get one and failed.

We've not seen so much of S as she's made big strides of independence today wanting to hang out with her friend and alone.......Until right at the end when she realised she had lost her mobile phone.......most unlike her. She retraced her steps and remembered it was at the Hypixel stand from when we had all 4 played a round of build battle together  - where the awesome staff had kept it safe for her. As if Hypixel wasn't already my fave server.

Few Mum grips from me - The Lucky Blocks retailer hadn't set their card payment service up properly meaning they twice declined my card - I didn't enjoy nerds vs noobs as much as I should as I was worried we were going to have payment and money issues for the rest of the weekend - They later apologised it was their fault but it was an unsettling feeling to carry. S has saved her pocket money since i57 and it was a shame her moment was spoiled.

Bought an emergency block charger from the game galleon - first one didn't work - took it back - they were awesome about it and gave me another no question which also didn't work........they tried to charge it for me in their lockers but at time of typing it is still not working :(

Otherwise though S and E have had a great day and I have too