Wednesday, 26 October 2016

 S's Banner shop on MCPZ below and house in the creative zone above

TD whizzed over to the Allotment last night to take advantage of the end of season skip that was there meaning we had a very late supper together.

After baths O and I played more Block Hexa in bed - we are on exactly the same level but S is streaks ahead. TD and E read lots more Ruby Redfort

Alternating days on the cross trainer is working well - managed 25 minutes today with Antiques Roadshow despite being awake from 2-4am a week back on after three months off - 

Pokemon Brick Bronze on Roblox and a new working phone has inspired O and this morning he was up and self dressed before 8:30 declaring himself ready for a Pokemon Go walk around Arundel (our nearest hotspot) E decided he would come too and we went for a fabulous stroll around gorgeous historic Arundel which looks beautiful in its Autumn clothes.

I bagged Gastlys, Drowzees, Staryu, Slow Poke, Marowak, Meowth, Mr Mime, Cubones, Pikachu from a 2k egg - E could the Halloween special but O and I didn't. E is level 21, I am 14 and O is 9

For a variety of reasons we decided to go through the car wash - the windscreen was grimy and E said he wasn't scared of them anymore - annoyingly it snapped off the driver side rear view mirror and broke it - which was a shame as it was pretty fun

Home and E is on HavocMC/his realm, S has asked me to take a look around on MCPZ, and O is playing Build Battle on Hypixel and some Roblox

It's S's maths and english in a while - she has nearly finished Mocking Jay today

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gun Places

Gun theme visit options

Lazer World Crawley - age 6 + Indoors from midday

SouthDown Gun Club near Findon - "Have a Go" shooting from age 10+

Center Parcs - outdoor Laser Combat

Bisley - Young Shots minimum age 10

Holbrook Club nr Horsham Salvo Age 14+

Rugged Earth for Nerf in Bisley

Airsoft near Petworth age 14+ Outdoors  In the diary for 2020

E's friend P coming on MCPZ whilst E and I were playing changed the day for E

3-5pm - S (11 weeks away from 12) sat in the kitchen with me for 90 minutes of so reading Mocking Jay whilst I was cooking and stuff - really mellow whilst E (so close to ten)  played with P from Thailand and O 7 was happy - there are moments of such relaxed happiness

O showed me a funny Baymax clip

TD working on S's drawers for her wardrobe O minecraft E friend A finally appeared so After supper O/S   E/A briefly whilst

TD's work in relocating to Staines in the new year meaning my plans to find a job are unlikely to come to much as his commute and travel time will be increased by 50% (maybe more :() making evenings a lot more tricky for me

TD painted the last of S's drawers and screwed on the handles then played CoD with E for a while - I try but I am rubbish - whilst E and TD were reading Ruby Redfort O selected an audio book in stead of me reading so that we could play block hexa and I could catch up to him on expert level

then S came in and we played this game I came up with called swapping - it started off being quite structured with book / movie / TV parameters and like for like eg Swapping Principal Seymour Skiner for Dumbeldore or Ron's rat scabbers with the rat from Ratutoule

Then it expanding to include gaming and real life and cross species

For my go and replaces the gang from Scooby with Edward Scissor Hands (Shaggy)

S's goes were really clever using lots of Yandere Chan characters and based ont he underlying meanings of their names

O chose lots of Undertale and Mario swapping

Played a Realm mini game with e and two of his friends and I lost.....

O had 2 hours on

Meep City and Destroy the Neighbourhood with all its John Cena and Sparta memes before

Halloween is around the corner, so get your meep all dressed up! Enter twitter code "spooked" in for these FREE meep accessories!

Around 10am  Friend A for day - Friend A, O, S and I played Cludeo - S won again ages before anyone else was even close  and there was fort making and an epic game of hide and seek